Solar Pool Pumps

PS600 CS-15-1 SOLAR PUMP AND CONTROLLEREscape the high cost of pool ownership with a Lorentz Solar Pool Pump! Traditional  pool pumps are noisy, energy inefficient and can cost $1200 or more a year to operate. Lorentz Solar Pumps have earned worldwide recognition but have only recently been introduced to Hawaii and are the superior energy saving solution pool owners have been waiting for. Call us today for a free consultation


  • Solar pumping of water is the MOST COST EFFECTIVE use of solar
  • ZERO operating cost for the rest of the system life
  • Works great with solar pool panels, gas and heat pumps.
  • Fantastic return on investment — savings increase with electric rates
  • 30% Federal income tax credit on total system cost
  • 35% Hawaii state tax credit or 24.5% refund
  • System pays for itself many times over
  • The only pool pump that puts money in the owner’s pocket over the system’s lifetime
  • Fast break-even time
  • System increases property value
  • Zero-emissions
  • Reduces dependence on oil
  • Completely off-grid system – saves 11,000 lbs. of pollutants from being released into the atmosphere per year
  • Solar-only operation
  • Five-year pump warranty – longest in industry, designed to run for 10 years
  • Sealed, permanent magnet motor for  long maintenance free operation
  • Dawn-to-dusk silent operation
  • Twenty-year solar module (PV) warranty
  • Warranty issues handled locally
  • One-day installation by trained, qualified installers
  • Commercial systems also available
  • Perfect for remote locations such as koi and fish ponds
  • 92% efficient pump
  • Optional AC or battery operation for 24-hour use

  • Long run time improves water quality
  • Works with salt water pools, reduces need for additional chemicals
  • Maximizes heating potential of solar pool heating systems
  • Compatible with pool automation systems
  • Quiet operation

"The solar pool pump has been working great! It's quiet, runs whenever the sun is up and cuts a couple of hundred dollars from the electric bill every month." Jeremy Captain Cook, HI

It is economically beneficial to install a solar pool pump separately from a whole-house PV system.

  • Overall cost of two systems is less than a single, whole-house system
  • Both systems qualify for tax credits
  • AC pumps only 35% efficient.Pool pump with five-year warranty included

PS 600 – for pools up to 30,000 gallons
PS 1800 – for pools up to 70,000 gallons


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PS600 CS-15-1 Solar-operated Centrifugal Surface Pump (4 pages)

LC175-24M Lorentz High-efficiency PV Module (2 pages)

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